A Journey Home


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When his family life demanded change, Tommy Waller took a giant step. A Journey Home tells the story of the extraordinary path traveled by Tommy Waller, his wife, and their 11 children. This documentary spans Tommy’s journey from an 80 hour work week to a remote community in rural Tennessee and then on to other side of the world.

At some point it hit me that I was spending more time with those gathered around the conference room table at the office than those gathered around the table in my kitchen. God began to instill in me a yearning to be together with my family. The plan was not completely revealed to me before the letter of resignation was completed, but it didn’t take long after making my final stroll down the hall to realize this is what I was created to do. The position of my dreams awaited me… being a husband and a father.

As I look back the sacrifice was minimal compared to what I’ve gained…what we’ve all gained.

Our prayer is that The Journey Home will bring encouragement and hope to those whom our Heavenly Father is calling to come home.


Winner of the Jubilee Award for Best Documentary at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Produced & Directed by Ken Carpenter

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