Christians Meet Israel (30 Day Devotional)


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It is no longer possible to ignore the incredible things that are happening in Israel. The question remains: “Is this the hand of God at work? How does this affect me as a Christian? I thought that the Church replaced Israel?”

HaYovel presents, “Christians Meet Israel,” a 30-day devotional digging into the prophetic things that are happening in Israel and laying out a biblical perspective on what the response of Christianity should be.

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“My prayer is that Zac Waller’s “Christians meet Israel” will help the church to understand that the church has not replaced Israel, that God’s covenant with Israel still stands, that as God’s “firstborn son”, their destiny was and is to be a light to the nations.”  ~  Don Finto, Founder of Caleb Company

“I finished your devotional and wanted to say well done!  It’s timely, informative and inspirational.”  ~  Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief at CBN News

“First, let me say it was a blessing to be able to read your new devotional project. It is brilliant and a great idea. It is written in this generation’s style of writing and layout, and gives everyone a guide how to pray when we need so much more prayer for Israel as well as it is geared to “make them think” about their role in caring for Israel. Your views are right on. Your characterization of Israel is realistic and this devotional is very necessary for such a time as this. I admire your courage. You have shown your ability to produce a good piece of literature to help Christians to come to the wells of Jacob to drink. May all those who read your devotional see through the same lens as you (and I) do.”  ~  Sharon Sanders – Christian Friends of Israel


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