Heartland Volunteer Cap


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Have you ever felt frustrated by not being able to easily find a hat that fits your head and still looks good? Are you tired of constantly buying new hats that don’t do either?

Our brand new “Heartland Volunteer” ball cap is designed to bring you the inspiration and incredible fit you are looking for. Just released, these all around hats are the perfect wear for your casual day at the office, as well as those outdoor projects that you need to do. The engraved leather patch makes this everyday headwear a great conversation starter.

  • Dark grey front with white mesh in the back
  • Leather patch engraved with the HaYovel logo and “Heartland Volunteer”
  • Richardson 112 Snapback hat
  • Great for men and women

The Story Behind the Leather Patch

The leather patch engraved with “Heartland Volunteer” is inspired by the beautiful mountains region of Israel called Judea and Samaria. Known as Israel’s biblical Heartland, this beautiful area is the place where more than 80% of the Bible was written or took place. Located in the center of Israel, the Heartland has rich biblical history as well as a modern day miracle story of a land lying barren for almost 2,000 years suddenly coming back to life. This amazing redemption is a fulfillment prophecy written over 2,700 years ago. Over the last 16 years HaYovel has brought thousands of volunteers to the mountains of Israel to help in restoring Israel’s biblical Heartland.

Additional information

Weight .375 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in