Hebrew From The Very Beginning


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Hebrew from the Very Beginning is a beginner course for modern Hebrew. It was written by Joseph Williams, specifically for English speakers that have little or no knowledge of the Hebrew language.

During the course of the twenty lessons over 450 Hebrew words are learned, as well as basic grammar. Each lesson consists of new words, transliterations, explanations, example sentences, conversations, and finally… work pages. There is an answer key in the back of the book.

Hebrew from the Very Beginning is spiral bound for easy hands­free learning. The book also comes with flashcards for practice in learning the letters and vowels. 141 pages.

From the Author:
After my first visit to Israel with HaYovel in 2011, I became passionate about learning Hebrew. Once I had obtained a basic knowledge of the language I started helping others learn the holy tongue. After teaching several classes I really felt the need for a basic and simple course to help English speakers get a handle on Hebrew. It seemed to me that all of the Hebrew courses that I had previously seen either did not cover a lot of important aspects of the language, or started at a level that was too advanced. I also kept hearing fellow Hebrew enthusiasts asking, “What’s the best way to learn Hebrew?” for these reasons I decided to create Hebrew from the Very Beginning. Available for purchase through the link below. Other Hebrew learning materials also available. www.hebrewfromtheverybeginning.com