Learning About Israel




An Israel advocacy course by Autumn Groat

Do you have a love for Israel? Have you thought about how you can best support the Jewish nation? Do you wonder about what is really happening in the Middle East?

Get ready to embark on a journey. We will be traveling back through the pages of history with the mission of uncovering the truth. As believers in the Bible, we know that what God says is true and cannot be denied. In today’s world, there are many people stating “truths” about Israel. Often, these “truths” contradict each other.  All of these proposed truths cannot be right. So what is right?

Throughout this course, you will be watching short videos, reading eye opening books and exploring maps. By the end of the course, you will be empowered with the tools you need to better understand Israel and where you stand. And you will be able to recognize the truth about Israel and share it with those around you. Whether we realize it or not, there is a battle raging over Israel. It is in the media, in politics and even a physical battle. People are choosing sides. The question is, where will you stand?