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Join Aaron Lipkin and Zac Waller as they explore breathtaking vistas in the region surrounding Shechem. They begin on Mt. Kabir, overlooking the Tirzah Valley; the very route used by Abram and Jacob when they first entered Canaan. Later, under the leadership of Joshua, the Israelites used the very same approach to the land, eventually leading them up the mountains of Ebal and Gerizim. From the Joseph Lookout, see Nablus and ancient Shechem as you learn why modern explorers, for years, were unable to find Joshua’s Altar on the southern slopes of Ebal. The eventual discovery, by Adam Zertal, of a mysterious pile of field stones on Mt. Ebal’s northern end changed everything! See the archaeological evidence for yourself. Professor Zertal’s findings will convince and astonish you as they simultaneously validate the biblical narrative while confirming the faithfulness of the God of Israel.

This DVD includes a bonus Music Video performed by Josh and Zac Waller!

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