The Israel Bible


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The Israel Bible is the world’s first Tanakh, Hebrew Bible, to highlight the special relationship between the Land and the People of Israel. Through traditional and contemporary Jewish sources, The Israel Bible seeks to present God’s eternal and unchanging love for the Promised Land and His Chosen People from biblical times until today.

  • Hebrew text with linear English translation and transliteration helps you learn Hebrew while reading the Bible
  • Exclusive collection of maps, charts, and illustrations bring the Land of Israel to life
  • Hundreds of study notes illuminate the wisdom of the Jewish Sages
  • Contemporary commentary highlights the role of the modern State of Israel in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy

The Israel Bible is the world’s first Bible centered around the Land of Israel, the People of Israel, and the dynamic relationship between them. Designed for both Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike, The Israel Bible offers a unique commentary that seeks to explain God’s focus on the Land of Israel alongside the original Hebrew text and the New Jewish Publication Society translation. All 929 chapters highlight verses that relate to Israel, including relevant quotes and perspectives from prime ministers, as well as abundant maps, charts, and illustrations.

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